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DMCA Notice Form

This example form must be used to submit a DMCA notice. 
All the necessary components legally required by the DMCA are included. 
Copyright holders and their agents are free to use it as a template for submitting DMCA Notices.
From:Joe Doe <>
To: Bulknews Abuse <>
Subject: Copyright violation
We have identified and verified that usenet posts on your service are in violation with the copyrights of <owner of copyrights>. The following message-id’s contain copyrighted material pursuant to United States law. 
My contact information:
<Business Name> 
<Full Name> 
<ZIP code> 
<Telephone number> 
<Fax number> 
<Email address> 
I have a good faith belief that the use of the material that appears on the service is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or by operation of law. The information in this notice is accurate, and I am authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.  I declare under the perjury laws of the United States of America that this notification is true and correct.
 <Full Name> 
<Business Name> 
The material appears within the following articles: 
Subject: <full subject title of post> 

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