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What are the Client settings?
  • Server name:
  • Authentication: authentication is required
  • Username: Bulknews username
  • Password: Bulknews password
  • Port: 563, 443 with SSL enabled; 119, or 80 with SSL disabled

How do I get started with Bulknews?

Please note that you cannot access Usenet from a web browser. To access our service, you will need a newsreader.

The following clients are recommended:

Can I access Bulknews Usenet from multiple IP addresses at the same time using the same account?
Bulknews accounts are limited to 2 IP addresses synchronic.

How do I know what's left of my Gigs?

When you log into your Bulknews Member Panel, you will see how much you have used and till when you have paid.

How long is a prepaid block account valid?

A prepaid Block account is unlimited years valid or when you consumed the all the Gigs; which comes first.

I changed my password but now I can't access my Bulknews account.
Please wait 15 minutes, and try again.

How many connections can I use?

Bulknews allows up to 40 connections.
Please check our info below:

Connections 30 30 30 30 30 30 30

Connections 10 10 20 20 30 30 40

Most newsreaders will attempt to open additional connections to the news server as you instruct them to perform additional tasks. Some allow you to specify the maximum number of connections in the settings.

If you are suddenly disconnected from our servers, (By your ISP, router, etc) it takes up to 5 minutes for the Bulknews servers to recognize that you are no longer connected. Please wait and try your connection again.

I'm still in my trial. Why can't I use my Bulknews account anymore?

You probably have reached your 10 GB limit. If this is the case, your account has been disabled . The account will remain disabled until you upgrade to a paid account. A trial account will never extend automatically to a paid account. When the trial is used and finished, it will automatically stops. The use of a trial is free.

I can't post with my free trial?

Yes, you can't post with your trial account due to spam, please upgrade to a paid account an use all the benefits.

Please go to Member Panel and click on Usenet Plans. This will end your free trial, and begins all the fun with your Bulknews account.

I just made a payment, why is my account still not active?
Upgrading your Bulknews account can take up to 30 minutes to process. If you are still experiencing issues after the 30 minutes, please do to mail us:contact.

How can I recover my password?

Here are the instructions that you can use to recover your password.

Steps to reset your password when you can supply two forms of identification (username and e-mail)

  • 1) Please go to Bulknews Password Recovery page.
  • 2) Fill in your username and e-mail.
  • 3) Click on "recover password" to submit.
  • 4) Bulknews will reset your password and email you within in a few minutes.

Steps to reset your password when you are unable to supply your username and e-mail address.

How reliable is Bulknews?
Bulknews has very reliable Usenet service. We have 99.9% uptime.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Bulknews accepts: iDeal, Credit Card, Paysafe Card, Giropay, Mister Cash, Sofort banking, Bitcoins.

What kind of security do you guys have?
Bulknews authentication system supports encrypted SSL connections to protect your username and password credentials. We support SSL connections on all our servers, so please use it with port 443 or 563.

Does Bulknews log of what I do on Usenet?

Bulknews does not log any access.

All Usenet posts posted are tagged with an "XTrace" identification tag in the header. This tag which Bulknews can use internally to identify the user who posted any article through our servers. We use this information to identify abusers.

Bulknews does not release any member information, for any reason, unless information is requested by a court order.

Product Extension and Termination
The products are based on prepayment (pre paid). When you have a paid account, it will end automatically after you consumed it or the end date has been passed. Your account does not automatically renew, unless you have marked the checkbox 'automatically recurring' (extending). In that case the product will extend on the chosen term. You can easily stop the recurring subscription by going to our member panel on our website and click stop. Please note that we do have a cancellation period of 1 month.

Posting with a block accounts
Posting with a block account is disabled. With our Flat accounts it is possible to post.

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